When you turn your car on in the mornings, is it starting to feel like the refrigerator? That’s one sign that colder weather is around the corner. Winter tires are recommended and encouraged for all Canadian drivers. Knowing when to change over to winter tires depends on various factors including temperature and provincial regulations. 
There are only two provinces where winter tires are mandatory by law: Quebec and British Columbia.

Most people know the general rule is to have winter tires on your car once the temperatures drops below 7 ºC. This typically happens around the end of October in Ontario. Winter tires can get worn out, especially in the harsh Canadian winters, making them not as efficient. Find out how many winters your tires should last. Nothing compares to the safety and control you get with proper winter tires.

Changing your tires at the right time can save you money on your car insurance policy. Most insurance companies offer a discount for having winter/snow tires on your car. Some insurance providers in Ontario require drivers to keep proof that 4 winter tires were installed by a certain date. Saving money on your car insurance, and keeping safe while driving in the winter, sounds like a good deal to me.
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