With everyone practicing physical distancing due to COVID-19, you might have time this year to do some of that spring cleaning you’ve always wanted to. Remember to include the outside of your home in that spring cleaning as well – it’s a tradition that serves a very useful purpose to tidy up your home and property of the build-up that has occurred during the winter months.

The winter season brings a lot more headaches than cold weather and snow. Many of the effects of winter are noticed in the spring and it’s important to take care of those problems before they lead to serious property damage.

Here are four simple tips to help make exterior spring-cleaning a breeze this year:

*Inspect your property: Frozen ground can cause shifts in your landscaping and patios, which, if left unattended, can result in costly repairs and injuries. Be sure to inspect your walkways and driveways for cracks.
*Remove debris from your gutters: Ensure that leaves and dirt are removed to prevent water blockage.
*Repair damage to your roof:  Replace missing or damaged shingles to prevent leaking roofs.
*Examine fences around your property: Ensure fences are still sturdy and lock properly to prevent injury and to help keep out intruders from entering your yard, especially if you have a pool

Make sure you follow proper safety standards and precautions in your community for any work that is required. Where available and permitted, consider hiring an experienced local contractor to do work for you such as gutter cleaning and roof repairs.

By following these helpful tips, you can identify potential risks to your home in advance and take action to help prevent more serious damage to your home.

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