We are constantly hearing about those who are fraudulently claiming or padding a claim against an insurance policy to get more bang for their buck, but what about the people who are purposely putting innocent people in very dangerous situations in order to stage an accident that will be 100% your fault?

A few different ones have surfaced in the media recently in the hopes to put the public on alert that these fraudsters are out there and what are some of the signs to watch out for.

The Swoop and Squat

What is it?

While you are driving along the 401, or any other major highway, 2 cars pass you…one right after the other. They then both quickly change lanes to in front of you and the second car slams their brakes on causing you to rear end them. When confronted, the second car will explain that they had to slam their brakes on to avoid the first car but that car will be long gone. This will be 100% your fault as you will appear to be following too close.

The Bullet and Target

What is it?

As you approach and signal for your left hand turn, a seemingly courteous driver will signal you to go ahead…that (s)he is “letting you in”. As you go to make your left hand turn in front of them, they step on the gas and ram their car right into yours. Again, this is 100% your fault because you turned in front of them and it will be your word against theirs…the scene of the accident will tell the story, but it might not be the right one.

The Drive Down

What is it?

Imagine yourself getting back to your car in a shopping mall parking lot. You’ve loaded your purchases in to your trunk and are now in the driver’s seat ready to pull out of your spot. It’s busy and there is someone with their signal on waiting for you to leave so they can have your spot. As you pull out, they step on the gas and run into your car. This, again, will be 100% your fault as you pulled out in front of them, crossing their right of way. It will always be your word against their but it doesn’t look good…for you.

What do you do if you think you are the victim of an staged accident?
Please watch this short video which explains what and how to document after ANY accident. Remember to stay calm…now that you’ve read about staged accidents, you know what just happened. Use your SurNet iCompanion app to document the accident with pictures, GPS, and notes. Send the info immediately to your broker via the app and call the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s (IBC) anonymous help line to report any fraud at 1-877-IBC-TIPS (422-8477).