Do you want to ride a snowmobile in the winter?

The first step is to contact your broker and confirm if  your insurance company sells snowmobile insurance. Some insurance companies even offer a discount if you already have an auto policy set up. Once you have all the necessary coverage, stay warm and ride safely.

Here are some tips to ride safely and avoid an accident out on the trails:

1. Wear protective gear. Always wear reflective clothing, a helmet, a face shield, insulated waterproof boots and leather snowmobile mitts. Wearing layers of clothing made of polypropylene and thermal fabric will help to release moisture yet retain heat to keep you dry and warm. Consider carrying extra clothing, socks, boot liners and mitts for layering.

2. Obey all trail signage. Speed limits and other trail signage are posted for your safety and that of the other people using the trails. You should never ignore these signs.

3. Never ride alone. Riding with another snowmobiler provides the security needed in case of an accident, mechanical problems, poor weather conditions or a medical emergency.

4. Slow down in traffic. Always slow down and give the right of way to skiers, hikers, dogsledders, or other people you might encounter out on the trails.

5. Don’t mix drinking and riding. Operating your snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs is against the law. If you‘re convicted of driving a snowmobile while impaired, you could lose your ability to drive any type of vehicle.

Although it‘s one of the joys of winter, riding a snowmobile is not without risks. Remember protect yourself  with the proper snowmobile insurance before you hit the slopes.