Winter is the season for skating, drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace and unfortunately removing snow.
Clearing your parking space, driveway and roof is not only standard home maintenance, it also helps prevent problems.

Here are some tips for dealing with winter snow removal. Find the right technique for you:

Want to shovel snow yourself? To avoid injury, take a few minutes to stretch before you start. Use the strength of your knees, legs and arms to clear the snow, while keeping your back straight. Also, avoid sudden twisting movements. And stop if you feel tired.

Do you prefer a snowblower? It’s recommended to always clear snow from the top down like the snow on your driveway, for example. Also avoid using a snowblower on very steep slopes. And, regardless of the method you choose, remember to spread abrasive material to prevent slipping on ice! 


You can also hire a snow removal contractor to do the work. Even if one has been recommended to you, take the time to ask for quotes from several others for comparison. Make sure that the contractor you hire is a registered business.

Remember to clear these areas after a snowfall and avoid any snow and ice build up, to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning: Your gas meter and the external exhaust outlets for furnaces, fireplaces, water heaters and clothes dryers. 


Reach out to your broker and confirm that you have all the protection you will need to get through the winter season with peace of mind.