There are risks you might not know your home insurance covers. Tree branch through the window? Yes, home insurance covers that. Accidental kitchen fire while making a flambe? Yes, home insurance covers that as well.

Your homeowners or renters insurance policy covers a broad range of risks — including some that might surprise you, like personal liability risks. But your home insurance policy doesn’t cover everything. Instead, you might want to supplement your coverage with an additional policy or service contract where needed.

We all know home insurance protects our homes, but you’ll also find some coverages that may surprise you, especially if you’ve never purchased a policy before… or maybe even if you have.

Personal liability risks
Home insurance protects your home and belongings. Renters insurance protects your belongings. But both policy types typically also include personal liability coverage. In terms of potential loss exposure, liability risks are often higher than property claims or even dwelling claims for damage to your home itself.
Slips and trips in which others get hurt can result in liability claims but can become particularly costly if medical treatment is expensive or the claim involves lost wages due to the injury. Animal bites are also among the costliest and most common types of personal liability claims.
Your personal liability coverage can protect against both bodily injury claims and accidental property damage claims. In many cases, your policy can even pay for your defense or court costs.

Loss of use
Staying at a hotel and eating out can be expensive. But these are both common expenses people face after a homeowners insurance claim. If you have a covered claim and you’re temporarily forced to relocate while the pros make your home good as new, your home insurance policy can help pay for additional living expenses. On most policies, you can choose the coverage limit for additional living expenses, allowing you to customize your coverage to your family’s needs.

Personal property coverage (even when traveling)
You probably know your home or renters policy can cover damage to your belongings as well as theft. But did you know this coverage travels with you? Your belongings are protected whether at home, in your car, or even in storage in some cases. Coverage limits may apply in some situations, but it’s comforting to know you’re protected even when away from home.

Fences, sheds, gazebos, and other structures
Your home insurance policy’s protection doesn’t end at your home’s walls. Your policy also covers fences, gazebos, and other structures on your property that aren’t attached to your home. Deductibles still apply, so smaller claims may not be the best choice in every case, but if an event like a storm causes damage to both your home and your fencing, for example, your deductible only applies once.

Talk to your broker
Most home insurance policies offer several ways to customize, bringing potential cost savings or improved coverage. Your SurNet Insurance Group broker can walk you through your options so you can choose the best ways to protect your home and your family.