Our priority is to ensure that our clients’ most valuable assets are adequately protected. While you may already have insurance coverage for your car and home, have you considered the importance of insuring or reviewing your insurance for your water toys?

It’s crucial to review or obtain insurance for your boats, yachts, jet skis, and other watercraft items.
By taking this proactive step, you can ensure a worry-free and enjoyable experience on the water.

1. Assess Your Current Coverage:
Begin by reviewing your existing insurance policies to determine if they provide sufficient coverage for your marine or water toys. Standard car and home insurance policies may not extend coverage to these specialized assets, leaving them vulnerable to risks unique to the water. Contact your insurance broker to discuss your current policies and evaluate if additional coverage is required.

2. Protect Your Investment:

Marine or water toys represent a significant financial investment. Whether you’ve recently acquired a new watercraft or have owned one for years, it’s crucial to protect your investment from unforeseen events. Insurance coverage for your marine toys can provide financial security by covering repair costs, damage resulting from accidents, theft, or vandalism. Ensure that your insurance policy reflects the current value of your watercraft and any modifications or upgrades you’ve made.

3. Understand Watercraft Liability:
Accidents can happen, even on the water. It’s essential to consider the liability aspect of owning and operating a watercraft. Your actions on the water can result in property damage, bodily injury, or other liabilities. Review your insurance policy to determine if it includes liability coverage for your marine or water toys. Adequate liability protection will safeguard you from potential lawsuits and associated legal expenses.

4. Comprehensive Coverage for Natural Disasters: The open water is subject to unpredictable weather conditions and natural disasters. Storms, hurricanes, and other extreme events can cause substantial damage to your watercraft. Review your insurance policy to ensure it provides coverage for such occurrences. Comprehensive insurance can help cover repair or replacement costs if your marine toy is damaged due to natural disasters or severe weather conditions.

5. Theft and Vandalism Considerations:
Water toys are not immune to theft or vandalism, especially when left unattended or stored improperly. Insurance coverage for your marine assets should include protection against theft and attempted theft, as well as vandalism. In case of such incidents, having the right insurance coverage will help minimize the financial burden and provide peace of mind.

6. Consult with an Insurance Professional: Navigating the nuances of marine insurance can be complex. Consulting with an experienced insurance broker is highly recommended. They can assess your unique needs, review your current insurance policies, and provide tailored solutions to ensure your water toys are adequately protected. An insurance professional can also advise you on any specific requirements or endorsements needed for certain types of watercraft.

Before you set sail on your next water adventure, take the time to review your insurance coverage or obtain insurance for your marine or water toys.
Contact our brokerage today to discuss your marine insurance needs and explore tailored coverage options. Don’t overlook the importance of insuring your marine or water toys—take action now to protect your water adventures!