Breezing through the doors of your new sixth-floor condo, you hear a dripping sound and spot a horrifying wet stain on the ceiling. Yikes! It’s leaking onto your new leather couch! You’re 6 floors above the nearest storm drain, how could sewer backup insurance possibly cover your losses?

When it comes to sewer backup situations, most property owners think of the black sludge that covers a basement after a sump pump is outrun by a severe rainstorm. However, even if your home is nowhere near ground level, sewer back-up insurance can cover your costs if escaping water damages your property. Without such protection, you could find yourself in a mess-both literally and financially!

Sewer backup insurance typically covers your losses or damage caused by water that has accidentally escaped from a sewer, drain, storm drain, sump, septic tank, eaves-trough or downspout. Many property insurance policies limit or exclude coverage for these types of losses.

Whether you own or rent your home, adding a sewer backup endorsement to your property policy can cover the cost of damages and clean up after this type of disaster.

Talk to your insurance broker today. They will explain what your policy covers and help provide protection that’s right for you!


1. Place downspouts on the outside of your home.

2. Install window wells on basement windows.

3. Check to make sure your sump pump is in working