Keep your car safe from theft. Stolen vehicles cost everyone.

Auto theft is more than an insurance problem; it’s an expensive social menace. Beyond replacing or repairing stolen vehicles, auto theft costs include inflated health care and treatment costs, and investigative and judicial costs linked to detecting and penalizing fraudsters and thieves.1.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, on average, a car is stolen every 6 minutes in Canada.
Ontario is seeing a significant increase in theft trends because of measures put in place by insurers in Quebec to address theft, shifting the issue to Ontario.

Protect against theft
• It’s more important than ever for customers to take steps to protect their vehicle, particularly those makes/models that are most targeted by thieves.

• Prevention is key:
-Many people install security systems/cameras to protect their home.
– Customers can extend protection to their car by installing a theft deterrent system/tracking device like TAG.
-Where possible, cars should be parked in a secure garage.

• Money aside, having their car stolen can leave people feeling uneasy, vulnerable and stressed at the thought of having to replace it.2.

Remember to contact your broker and keep them updated if you have reported a theft or a claim.

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