A standard home insurance policy offers protection against a wide range of water-related risks. Your home insurance policy can help you rebuild if your home or belongings are damaged due to common household mishaps such as spills, overflows, or burst pipes. However, a standard home insurance policy does not cover damage due to flooding. In this case, flooding refers to water that enters your home after having touched the ground first. A separate flood insurance coverage can complement your home insurance policy, providing flood coverage where your home insurance policy‘s water damage coverage stops.

Even just an inch or two of water can cause significant damage and lead to ongoing issues in your home, including mold or lingering moisture. Flood remediation and repair can be expensive, and removing all the moisture from your home after a flood can prove difficult. A flood insurance coverage can help pay for professionals to properly treat and repair your home, leaving it as good as new.

Flooding during the Spring is common in varies communities in Canada. Arm yourself with as much information as possible. Flood coverage options can vary based on where you live, but many private market insurers now promise to make coverage more affordable by leveraging technology to better predict risk.

Reach out to your broker and learn the best ways to protect your home against floods and other common water damage risks.