You are hearing it and seeing it in the news more and more every day. Car thefts are on the rise. Some models are high risk and are most targeted by thieves.  Is your vehicle at risk and on the list?

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, on average, a car is stolen every 6 minutes in Canada.
Ontario is seeing a significant increase in theft trends. Toronto Police data indicates a dramatic increase in auto theft.  According to the CBC, the number of vehicles stolen each year in Ottawa has roughly doubled in the past five years, with a total of 1,200 vehicles stolen in 2022.

While most thefts happen in the GTA, theft can happen anywhere, any time. It‘s not just about where people live, but where they drive: leaving a high target vehicle at the airport, commuter train station, while doing a grocery run or going on a road trip.

It’s important for you to take steps to protect your vehicle the best you can. Most insurers are offering a program to help protect your high-risk vehicle. Installing a theft deterrent system or vehicle recovery system like TAG is a way to protect your vehicle with the most complete anti-theft solution on the market. Contact your broker today for more information.