Campsites have gotten fancier in recent years. Gone are the days where people bring only the basics they need to rough it out in the woods.Today’s more sophisticated campers are toting their mobile devices and other high-tech GPS gadgets as well as expensive camping gear. That sometimes makes their campsites prime targets for theft.

Since no one wants to come back to a burglarized campsite, here are 6 tips for keeping your belongings safe while you’re out exploring nature.

1. Lock valuables in your vehicle: Because anyone with a sharp knife can slash through your tent, your vehicle is the safest place to store valuable when you’re away from your campsite. Remember to keep your items out of plain view though.

2. Set a campsite alarm: If you camp often, it may be worth it to invest in a perimeter alarm that alerts you when an animal or human enters your camp space. The catch with these alarms, however, is they are only effective when you are in close enough proximity to hear them. If you’re out hiking miles away, the alarm won’t do you much good.

3. Use the buddy system: Get to know the people camping nearby you and work out a system where you keep an eye on each other’s belongings if they seem like trustworthy neighbors.

4. Familiarize yourself with the campground: Talk to the people who work on the campgrounds or other campers to learn whether there have been any recent alarming incidents or reports of theft. Likewise, let people know if you see unsavory individuals on the campgrounds.

5. Beware of animals: Don’t count on wild animals to tiptoe around your valuables while they rummage through your campsite looking for food to eat. Your best defense against attracting unwanted animals is to keep your site clean. Pack up food and coolers when you’re not using them or when you’re away from the campsite. Also, never purposely feed a wild animal.

6. Leave your valuables at home. The best way to prevent your valuables from getting stolen is to leave them at home in the first place. At its heart, camping is about unplugging from city life and getting back to mother nature. So leave your tablets, laptops, gaming devices, and other electronics at home and enjoy some quality time gazing at the stars.