With winter finally at an end, your vehicle needs some TLC to get ready for both the rain showers and sun rays that come with spring. These six tasks will help ensure your car is ready for the season change.

1. A Good Shampoo & Wax
Winter road grime, salt buildup, and other debris really wreak havoc on your auto paint and finish. Take time to wash all the dirt away with a thorough wash followed by a good wax.

2. Don’t Forget the Interior
The cold of winter makes it less likely that you’ll vacuum the inside of your car or spend time cleaning out the trash and other items that can accumulate during the winter months. But, with the warmer weather of spring, it’s the perfect time vacuum the carpets, rugs, and seats. It’s also a great opportunity to thoroughly wipe down the dashboard and center console.

3. Check Your Tire Pressures
It’s no secret that tire pressure decreases when the temperature drops, which means you probably added air to your tires during winter. In the spring, the warmer temperature causes the opposite shift in your tire pressure–it increases. If that pressure increase exceeds what your manufacturer recommends, it could impact your vehicle’s drivability and fuel economy. Stop by a local tire retailer or your auto mechanic to have them perform a quick check. The cost is usually very low, and in some cases, free.

4. Replace Worn Wiper Blades
Wipers tend to crack and wear during the winter after months of enduring ice and snow buildup. Carefully inspect your blades for any signs of wear and tear since you’ll need them to safely navigate spring rains.

5. Take a Look Under the Hood
Belts and hoses tend to get brittle in the winter. Have them inspected to ensure they’re still in good working order. Also make sure your fluids are at the proper levels, especially coolant, so your engine doesn’t overheat as temperatures begin to rise.

6. Schedule a Wheel Alignment
Winter is notorious for creating potholes, which can throw your car’s alignment out of whack and even damage the suspension. Have your mechanic perform an alignment and suspension check to make sure your vehicle falls within the specifications recommended by your auto manufacturer.