Spending time on the water is one of the joys of summer. But before you jump on your boat or water ski, it is worth refreshing your water safety knowledge to enjoy an injury-free outing. Here are four tips to keep in mind:

1. Remember Your Life Jacket
Even if you are an excellent swimmer, you are not drown-proof. That’s why it is essential to always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD) when you venture out on the water. Be sure to select a vest designed for your height and weight.

2. Invest in Proper Protective Gear
It may seem fun and carefree to jet ski in your bathing suit, but wearing a wetsuit actually protects you from physical injuries as well as the harsh sun, wind, and cold water you encounter on the water. Invest in a well-made suit that fits you comfortably. In addition to buying a good wetsuit, you should also invest in other protective gear like swim shoes and goggles.

3. Wear the Engine Shut-Off Cord 
If you fall off your watercraft, having the engine shut-off cord attached to your wrist, will immediately stop the engine on your watercraft and prevent it from speeding away from you unmanned. More importantly, if for some reason you were thrown in front of your watercraft, the engine shut-off cord would keep the craft the running into you and cause you serious harm.

4. Always Supervise Children Around Water
Make sure an adult is always watching when children are near the water or when teens are operating a watercraft. Even if they understand basic water safety, children and teens are more prone to panic when an accident occurs making it essential for an adult to be nearby to respond should something unexpected happen.

Hopefully, with these four safety tips, you can prevent any accidents from happening. But, if one should occur, talk to your insurance broker now to make sure you know in advance what coverage you have for watercraft injuries and property damage.